Empire & Great Jones 100-Word Challenge

Empire & Great Jones 100-Word Challenge.


Empire & Great Jones 100-Word Challenge

The challenge is simple:

  1. Post a 100-word story or poem
    Try to hit exactly 100 words!
    You can post your writing as a comment on the Spark page (link at the top), on social media, or on your own blog—doesn’t matter where you post it, just post it (and we’d love to hear about it when you do).

    ~ or ~

    Pledge 100 cents at SparkAnthology.org/support
    (That’s $1 a month.) It’s also okay to do both parts: write 100 words and pledge 100 cents.

  2. Nominate three others to take the 100-Word Challenge.
    Share the link to this page and tag three people—authors, poets, family, and friends—to take the callenge: SparkAnthology.org/100-word-challenge

So, why take the challenge?

The primary goal of this challenge is to have some fun and be creative! In the process, you’re also helping us spread the word about the Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation and our non-profit mission in support of writing and literacy.

When you pledge $1 or more at SparkAnthology.org/support, you enable us to sustain and expand our scholarship program, which currently funds a full-tuition scholarship to the Clarion West Writers Workshopand a full-tuition scholarship to the California State Summer School for the Arts:

You enable us to showcase great writing talent through multiple publications and reach our goal of paying professional rates to all contributors, regardless of their publication histories:

And you enable us to host a quarterly writing contest with no entry fee and a $500 grand prize:
Monsters and Marvels by Tyler Lamph

Because we’ve already passed our first goal of $100/month at SparkAnthology.org/support, when you become a patron you’ll always get early access to content (starting with Volume VII).

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